Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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09 October 2018

Ep0007: My Friend Irma - "Rent Money"


Irma gives Al the girls' rent money to bet on a seedy prize fighter he's managing. Friendship is a thing that’s been around all through the ages, like measles but measles you can get rid of but not Janes friend Irma. However, Jane wouldn’t want to get rid of Irma because she sincerely loves her so she’s going to continue to live with her through thick and thin although at times Jane finds it trying living with her lovable friend Irma like when she was trying to fix up a budget for her.


Irma Peterson
Marie Wilson
Jane Stacy
Cathy Lewis
Al (Irma's Boyfriend}
John Brown
Richard Rhinelander III
Leif Erickson

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