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Thanks for visiting our support page. While the shows we air on this podcast our public domain and can be found for free on the internet, there is time involved with locating them, attempting to clean them up, doing research, and recording and editing them. Not to mention the expense of hosting this website and the equipment used to record & edit. Currently, some of our costs are covered by ad support. This is not ideal for everyone, but going ad free is not a viable solution, so we present some additional options.

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There a number of tiers of support offered on our Patreon. Some of the membership perks include access to the Vintage Radio Club, an Ad-free version of ILOTR, exclusive swag, link for your Spotify account and more.


Spotify Subscription

For just $4.99 per month, you will get access to the Vintage Radio Club with episodes from longer presentations from the likes of Mercury Theater on the Air and the Lux Radio Theater.


Amazon Wish List

Being a diabetic but lover of soda, I was so happy to find Sparkling Ice (not a sponsor). They even have a caffinated version so I don't have to suffer the painful withdrawl. You can help supply us with the fuel that powers ILOTR from our Amazon Wish List.

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