Thursday, August 22, 2019
Vintage Radio Club


The Vintage Radio Club is a way for you to help support the I Love Old Time Radio podcast and allow us to continue to bring you this entertainment. As a thank you, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Ad-Free Site

Ads help us cover the costs that arise while making this podcast. By joining the VRC, you are helping us and therefore doing the job of the ads.

Sort By Actors & Genres

You will be able to view all the shows associated with a particular artist. In addition, you can find all shows associated with certain genres so you can listen to the types of shows you like.

Broadcast Schedule

We keep a calendar of what shows we will be airing to help keep us on track. We share this with you.

Special Club Programming

We produce at least one extra show a week for Club Members. These shows are typically longer than our daily podcast (1 hour versus 30 minutes).

Monthly Subscription

30-Day Monthly Recurring Payment (must have a PayPal account).

Yearly Subscription

Year-long subscription. PayPal or Credit Cards can be used.