Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Rochen Web Hosting

I Love Old Time Radio covers its costs to produce this podcast in two ways.  1) listener support in the form of donations and 2) advertisements.in the form of referral campaigns and/or companies purchasing "air time" or website Ads.  Any business can purchase advertisement as long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. No hate speech or organizations that promote hate on any class of people.
  2. No political ads
  3. No religious ads
  4. No firearms
  5. No pornographic sites or adult-oriented businesses (you know what we mean.)
  6. Nothing illegal

We reserve the right to reject any request to advertise for any reason at any time.

Types of Ads

Website Ads

We two ad area available locate on the right sidebar and top main content are of our site. They are a 300x250 pixel rectangle (see below) and a 730x90 (second image) banner, the file size can be no more than 200kb and must be jpg format.  The actual displayed size of the ad will depend on the resolution of the display screen since all images are responsive on this site.

300x250 sample ad


730x90 sample ad

This a shared-ad area (meaning we can have more than business showing up in this area) and costs just $10 (300x250) or $25 (730x90) for up to 5,000 impressions.

More ad space may become available if demand calls for it.

Episode Ads

Coming Soon