Herb Butterfield

Herbert Butterfield (October 28, 1895 – May 2, 1957) was an actor best known for his work in American radio. Perhaps his major roles on radio were those of crime-lab expert Lee Jones (as well as many supporting characters) in Dragnet, and The Commissioner in Dangerous Assignment. Butterfield acted in dozens of roles on Broadway Is My Beat. His other roles in radio programs included: Rex Kramer on Dan Harding's Wife, Ziehm in Girl Alone, Clarence Wellman in The Halls of Ivy, Weissoul in Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy, Preacher Jim in Kitty Keene, Inc., Judge Carter Colby in Lonely Women, Phineas Herringbone in Ma Perkins, Judge Glenn Hunter in One Man's Family, and Judge Colby in Today's Children. He also was the last actor to play Inspector Richard Queen in The Adventures of Ellery Queen on radio.