Saturday, May 08, 2021
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08 February 2021

George Moran escapes from the state hospital for the criminally insane and kills the warden while doing so. Judge Emory, who sentenced Moran is the next victim. Commissioner Weston, who captured Moran, is also on the list.

01 February 2021

A determined woman murders to steal a copper box containing, "The Ring Of Light." Lamont, Margot, and Commissioner Weston find themselves trapped in a room and about to be boiled alive.

19 January 2021

Miss Brooks steps on a scale and reads her fortune. "A tall, dark man is coming into your life." The handsome, dark man is a teacher from France who arrives at Madison.

18 January 2021

After a violent argument, Dr. McGill is murdered with a knife. In fact, the surgeon's arm is amputated! Then, a second doctor is found, with its arm also cut off. A mysterious phone call warns, "If the organ plays at midnight, the lost will be found."