Saturday, May 08, 2021
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11 March 2021

An old man waiting to die in a locked room is killed with a poker, while an organ grinder plays outside. Then, Simon Prentice is found with a long, thin knife in his back...while an organ grinder plays. The woman suspected of the crimes is locked in the room with her uncle's corpse!.


08 March 2021

A theatrical director tells a strange story to a pair of reporters. The ghost of a long-dead actor named John Carter strangles the night watchman at a theatre named in his honor. He then kills twice more!

01 March 2021

"This is a tale of greed and hate...and a thing that was created by the belief of 10 million radio listeners. For if the story had not been told, the thing would never have risen out of the swamp...to reach out with blood-red tentacles and twice do murder."


22 February 2021

Henry Arthur Cole was known as, "The Black Judge." The program starts with an excellent horrific narrative as the ghost of the evil judge plans to murder his three children.