Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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12 April 2021

On the tropical island of Port St. Luce, two people are sacrificed each year during "the night that eats people." It's the turn of Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane on the rim of the volcano.

05 April 2021

John Matley is heavily in debt to gamblers and his wealthy father is going to disinherit him. When the father is murdered, suspicion naturally falls on John Matley. However, the real killer is using a death ray that can fry a victim's brains from three hundred feet away!


29 March 2021

A scientist "walks a road no living man may travel." Professor Gondo has the improbable theory of transplanting human organs! This villain can see "The Shadow" quite easily!.

18 March 2021

An old man waiting to die in a locked room is killed with a poker, while an organ grinder plays outside. Then, Simon Prentice is found with a long, thin knife in his back...while an organ grinder plays. The woman suspected of the crimes is locked in the room with her uncle's corpse!.