Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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19 January 2021

Miss Brooks steps on a scale and reads her fortune. "A tall, dark man is coming into your life." The handsome, dark man is a teacher from France who arrives at Madison.

18 January 2021

After a violent argument, Dr. McGill is murdered with a knife. In fact, the surgeon's arm is amputated! Then, a second doctor is found, with its arm also cut off. A mysterious phone call warns, "If the organ plays at midnight, the lost will be found."


04 January 2021

The crew of a ship filled with slaves murders the Africans aboard "The Raven" in 1850. In "modern" times, "The Raven" seems to be jinxed. When two murders take place onboard "The Raven," keep your eye on the bo's'on with the wooden leg!.


28 December 2020

Jerry Post and his sister Barbara are both broke. However, their mother is very wealthy. "The apple of death falls into three equal parts." Mrs. Post's twin brother has a good motive for her murder as well.