Monday, September 25, 2023

Welcome, to the "I Love Old Time Radio" podcast, well at least where it will be.  I'm so excited to begin this adventure and I hope you will be with me on this journey.

I've been wanting to do a podcast for a long time, missing my years in radio.  Though the desire has been there, the subject matter has been missing.  At first, I thought that I'd just talk about things...but as my friends have pointed out, I'm "blunt and extremely opinionated."  In this day-and-age, my opinions would most likely upset way too many people.

It was while I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, that the light came on.  "I love old time radio.  I love researching fun facts.  I could clean up some of this audio so it sounds better."

So then it was off to locating the right domain and name for my podcast, creating the logo and building the site you see here,  I hope you enjoy listening to these shows and I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, and comments you may have.  Our first episode will launch Monday, October 1st and will feature the show The Shadow.  Each day of the week will feature a different show.  The next episode of each show will air the following week on the same weekday.  This site will keep a record of all the shows played and you'll be able to find show easily (once we get more shows under our belt) by using the search bar on the show's page.  Each episode page will have some colored buttons underneath them.  Green are for shows, blue are for actors, and brown are for genres.