Saturday, May 08, 2021
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02 October 2018

Irma & Jane meet and Jane moves in with Irma.  Jane is in love with her boss, Richard) and tells him she lives in an "intellectual atmosphere" and that her roommate is a novelist.  Unknown to Jane, Richard calls up and Irma invites him to dinner, at their place.  Mix in Irma's boyfriend, Al, who has so many crazy get-rich-quick schemes that never work, and you have a hilarious dinner party.

01 October 2018

A man who's looking for a job mistakenly becomes involved with a bank robbery. He is later sentenced to death for a cop killing he didn't commit. The Shadow investigates to locate a missed piece of evidence, will he get that information in time to help free the wrongly accused man.


03 September 2018

Welcome, to the "I Love Old Time Radio" podcast, well at least where it will be.  I'm so excited to begin this adventure and I hope you will be with me on this journey.