Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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10 January 2019

A good story about a ruthless newspaper publisher who fires a columnist after forty-years on the paper. The writer jumps out of the window and kills himself, but manages to get a grisly revenge.


05 January 2019

Dulcy is the comedy story of a well-meaning wife who tries to aid her husband’s business career and gets herself into a series of hilarious tragedies. Play was written by George S. Kaufman & Marc Connelly in 1922


04 January 2019

It was so awesome to login into my Podtrac account to see what the current download stats were and see the number hit 5 digits for the first time.  That's right!  We've made it to 10,000 downloads and it's all thanks to you.  Thank you for everyone who is helping me make this podcast grow.